4. Discussion

4.1    Key findings
Vinegar, Orange juice and Coca cola are comparatively more harmful to dental well-being than most other liquids we consume. 1% Amylase and water have no effect on our teeth at all, proving that our saliva and water is not corrosive to our enamel. Coffee and tea do not have a great impact on our teeth.

4.2    Explanation of key findings
Over the period of five days, it was observed that all of the marble pieces that were put into the drinks Vinegar, Orange Juice and Coca Cola, had the most significant drop in mass. 1% Amylase and water had an average of no change in mass throughout the experiment, give for water, which had a slight decrease in mass due to human error.

4.3    Evaluation of hypothesis
As expected, most of the marble pieces decreased in weight, except in 1% Amylase and water. However due to human errors and unforeseen circumstances (such as the weight measuring scale not settling on a specific weight), the tea and coffee measurements were inaccurate. We decided that it was not harmful to our teeth because the weight of the marble piece at the start and the end of the experiment was about the same.

4.4    Areas for improvement
We should change from marble chips and chalks to egg shells or the egg itself, as it is easier to obtain and exhibits more similarities to the hydroxyapatite human teeth.
We should have diluted the 1% amylase into 0.5% amylase as saliva is of that composition.
We should also have taken extra precautionary measures to prevent mold and bacterial growth in our samples.

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