Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Javier Tay (Group Leader)

Hey there! I am Javier Tay and the group leader. I formed the name for this team (which was recycled from last year), "Team Delta", much to the chuckles of my fellow team. 

I am no sporty person, as you can tell from my physique. It might surprise you that I joined a sports CCA, fencing, and I actually enjoy it. The musicians whom I like listening to is Air Supply (an oldies soft rock duo), Adele (a British female talent) and Bruno Mars (an American pop singer). I basically spent most of my childhood reading and I developed Myopia because of my passion. I will do my best to strive for this team and make it the most awesome one for years to come!

Joel Tan (Research Specialist)

Hai :D I am Joel.

Once I have the free time, I'll go to wikipedia and search for more planes and wars to increase my knowledge, thus giving me this task as a research specialist. I'm currently interested in aviation and warfare. I do flight simulation on a daily basis. Surprisingly, I have strength in sports too. Any ball game (except soccer) I am a very good defensive player and interceptor.

Sean Lim (Researcher Specialist)

Hi! My name is Sean, I am one of the research leaders. My interests are android computing development, consumer electronics and I love sports as well. I mess around with the computer a lot when I am free and learn many things about tech while doing so, which makes me sort of well known for help with IT. I do sports such as basketball, badminton and soccer. Amongst all these sports, I am best in Badminton and so I joined Badminton CCA :D

Nikisha Tan-Mishra (Multi-Media Manager)


Hey, I'm Nikisha, a member of TEAM DELTA :D

People always tell me I'm hyper, annoying, and restless, though I think they're just exaggerating. A little. I really like watching anime, reading manga, reading and writing stories, and listening to music.  I like faster, more upbeat songs such as rock, alternative rock, discotheque and occasionally EDM. Bands/Singers I like are Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Like I said, I enjoy reading and my favourite authors are Dan Brown and Mathew Riley, and I guess my favourite genres are mystery, gore, horror, and action. Wow, I don't really have much else to my life other than this. Oh well. 

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