Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Generating Research Questions

We had learnt how to generate good research topics based on our capabilities, time restraints, and budgeting, which had been made simpler with ScienceBuddie's Fair Project Ideas.

Finally, we had all individually formulated our own project ideas that we believe we could do:


- What are the factors leading to the speed and impact of steel bearings shot from a Gaussian rifle? (Unfortunately, firearms aren't allowed in Singapore, so this is unfeasible)
- Is perpetual motion possible?
- What are the conditions for liquid to move the fastest under the Leidenfrost Effect?

- A stationary machine that can be widely placed and people who want to cool down their drinks instantly can place the item in the machine and a blast of carbon dioxide would cool it down for a menial sum of 10 cents or for free.
- An alternative version is a portable container with a port for the can of carbon dioxide and functions similarly to the machine above.

Sean Lim

- Whether the ambient temperature of solar cells affects its power output. And if it does, what can be done to maximise the effectivity of solar panels.
- Building a model of a fully automatic smart home controlled by a phone (arduino)
- Will replacing air cushions with magnetic shock absorbers in shoes be better?  (using light magnets)

Joel Tan Xin Wei
- How the shapes and size of the rocket affects its aerodynamic and performance
(No free space to launch the rocket)

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